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Retro Spec table of contents and publication date

I've just determined the order of contents for Raven Electrick Ink's next anthology, Retro Spec: Tales of Fantasy and Nostalgia. Without further ado, here she be, with brief annotations noting form/genre/era/theme:

  • Jude-Marie Green, "Hula Hoop," fiction/fantasy/1950s/hula hoop fad.

  • Robert Borski, "Invasion, 1955," poem/sf/1950s/hula hoop fad.

  • Neil Coghlan, "Storm on Fifth Avenue," fiction/dark fantasy/1930s/Empire State Building.

  • K.M. Praschak, "Rain Goddess: The Dust Bowl, 1930s," poem/fantasy/1930s/Dust Bowl.

  • Lyn C. A. Gardner, "The Mustache," fiction/dark fantasy/early 1970s/counterculture.

  • Bruce Boston, "beat people," poem/speculative/1950s/Beat culture.

  • Leonard Richardson, "The Day Alan Turing Came Out," fiction/sf/1980s/computers; gay rights.

  • Brian Rosenberger, "These United States of Frankenstein: Meltdown," poem/horror/1980s/Chernobyl disaster.

  • Jennifer Rachel Baumer, "New and Improved," fiction/sf/1950s/housewives-"feminine mystique."

  • Amanda C. Davis, "Sparks between Our Teeth," poem/sf/1950s/cigarette-smoking.

  • K. Curran Mayer, "Chalk Circles," fiction/fantasy/1930s-1940s/Olympics; World War II.

  • Cliff Winnig, "R101 Is Burning," fiction/sf/1930s/airship disaster; Nazis.

  • Todd Wheeler, "Dreams like Snowflakes," fiction/dark fantasy/1970s/Blizzard of '78.

  • Karen A. Romanko, "Zeb," fiction/sf/1970s/discos.

  • Cat Rambo, "Ticktock Girl," fiction/sf/early 1900s/suffragettes.

  • Lon Prater, "All That Remains Is the Middle," fiction/sf-fantasy/1920s/investors.

  • Don D'Ammassa, "Slipstream Fiction," fiction/slipstream/1920s-1940s/novelists.

  • G. O. Clark, "Putting off the Past," poem/sf/1960s/poets.

  • Marge Simon, "The Fix," fiction/fantasy/1940s/inventors.

  • Nancy Ellis Taylor, "The Last Time I Was in Vienna," poem/dark fantasy/1940s/post-WWII Europe.

  • C.D. Covington, "U8: Alexanderplatz (1989)," fiction/fantasy/1980s/Berlin Wall.

  • Dayle A. Dermatis, "The Devil Went down to the Sunset Strip," fiction/dark fantasy/1980s/hair metal bands.

  • Paul Abbamondi, "Art Deco and the Infestation of New America," fiction/sf-fantasy/1930s/Art Deco style.

  • Ann K. Schwader, "The Darkness Whispers," poem/speculative/1930s/discovery of Pluto.

  • Brenta Blevins, "Mercury 13--And Beyond," poem/sf/1960s/space flight.

  • David D. Levine, "Nucleon," fiction/sf-fantasy/20th century/junkyards-mementos.

I'm shooting for a publication date of October 2010. Next up is to finish work on the front cover, which is part of the way there. Then I'll start laying out the manuscript, my least favorite part. But we're well on our way! :-)

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