January 1st, 2007


Poetry sale to Ideomancer! + NYE + Dwarf Stars

On Saturday I received an acceptance from stillnotbored at Ideomancer for my poem, "Scrapbook." I was in a bit of an end-of-year funk, so that definitely helped to lift my spirits. :-)

For New Year's Eve, Bob and I went out to dinner at Divina Cucina in nearby Montrose. We're lucky to have such a nice restaurant located so close. We tend to want to stay off the roads on New Year's Eve, but we were getting tired of just staying home. Bob suggested Divina last year, and I think it's going to become an NYE tradition. Great Northern Italian cuisine, festive atmosphere, and friendly service. And we are home in about five minutes. Happy new year, everyone!

In case you missed it, the Science Fiction Poetry Association's first Dwarf Stars Award winners have been announced. I voted for two of the three winners, so I'll take a little credit for the fine choices. :-) dkolodji has done a great job getting this new award together for SFPA.