January 7th, 2007

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Poetry sale to The Fifth Di + New windows + The Black Dahlia

On Friday, I received word from J Erwine at The Fifth Di  that he's accepting my poem "Irises" for the March issue. Since J has quit his day job, his turnaround times have shortened substantially. This one took just two days.

I think I also have another poetry sale in the works after two revision requests from a different zine, but I'll hold off on announcing that one, until I get the official word.

Bob and I had a long day on Friday. We had two guys in from Andersen Windows to install a new kitchen window and a new patio sliding door. They were with us for over seven hours, and we were confined to the back of the house. Not that they confined us, but the front of the house, which has an open floor plan, was really cold. The Santa Ana winds were up, so having two big holes in our walls for most of the day didn't make for a toasty environment. Plus, the installers, as installers do, were using caulking, paint, and who-knows-what other smelly products, which aren't very friendly to my chemical sensitivities. But they finally finished (yay!).

Now the house is airing out sloooowly, and we are pleased with the final results:

Kitchen window
Kitchen window

patio slider
Patio slider

On Saturday night, we watched The Black Dahlia (2006) on DVD. Although a nice-looking film, it was otherwise a muddled mess. It's always a bad sign when the characters stand around talking for 15 minutes at the end to explain who did what, and you're going, "now which one was he?" I'd skip this one, if at all possible.