January 19th, 2007

Malibu headshot

Haiku sale to Star*Line + Paying Poetry Markets + Windzzz

On Thursday, I made a haiku sale to Marge Simon for SFPA's Star*Line. Marge responded in less than 24 hours--love that speedy service. :-) The haiku is slated to appear in the November/December issue. I also have a poem in the January/February issue, due out any day.

In other SFPA news, I've just updated the Paying Poetry Markets list for SFPA's website. The list now contains 65 markets which pay for speculative poetry. The newest markets added are Chimaera Serials, Coyote Wild, ElectricVelocipede, Lorelei Signal, Noneuclidean Cafe, and Sorcerous Signals.

SoCal's famed Santa Ana winds are currently slapping our windows around (the old ones, not the new ones we had recently installed). We are getting very tired of WEATHER.

This is what the Santa Anas did to us a couple of years back. We're not looking for a repeat. Those are palm fronds for those of you in the northern climes.