February 2nd, 2007

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And so it begins...

Well, it's after midnight LaLaLand time, so the first day of Raven Electrick's February 2007 submission period has officially come to an end. I received 34 submissions on Thursday, 21 stories and 13 poems. That's a slight increase over last year's first day, when I received 31 submissions. I've already sent out six rejections, and as soon as I get a decent number of subs in the "hold for a second reading" folder, I'll post the list (in code to keep everyone's information confidential).

Nothing really juicy to report from the slush pile, as I'm not very far in. So far it looks like reasonable guidelines compliance--at least nothing that's made my head do a Linda Blair-360-circuit on my shoulders. :-)

Thursday was also my LJ's birthday, as I began keeping this journal one year ago on February 1, 2006. Happy birthday, Raven's Rumors!