February 7th, 2007

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Contributor's copies for S*L, DKA + Slushteria

I received contributor's copies of two magazines on Monday, Star*Line 30.1, which contains my poem "Snow Globe" and Dragons, Knights, and Angels #41, where my poem "Crossroads" appears. The latter will also be published online at DKA before the month is out, so I'll post a link to the poem here.

Slushteria continues. I've received 90 submissions for Raven Electrick in the first six days of the reading period, which puts me nine ahead of last year's pace. I've read 40 of those, rejected 30, accepted one, and held nine for another reading.

Included in the total read is all 35 submissions from the first day (at last). Here's what's on hold from February 1, coded thusly:

The first letter stands for "fiction" or "poetry." Letters two and three are the first two letters of the author's last name. Letters four and five are the first two letters of the story title, excluding articles. The final character is a number for the day of submission in February, in this case a one:


I hope none of these are swear words in other languages. :-)

Biggest peeve from the slush pile so far: How come editors from other magazines are not following the guidelines? You'd think if there's one type of writer who would follow guidelines, it'd be a writer who's also an editor. But, you'd be wrong.