February 8th, 2007

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My poem picked for "best of" antho

I just received word from Selena Thomason that my poem "Bibliotheca Temporis," which was first published in e-zine Dragons, Knights, and Angels, has been chosen to appear in a 2006 "best of" anthology which combines work from DKA and The Sword Review. Squee! The book is called Distant Passages -Volume 2: More of the Best Short Stories and Poetry, and it is to be published in trade paper and, optionally, hard-back edition(s). This is my favorite type of sale--one that comes to me! :-)

Other invitees to the anthology include:


And from the non-LJ world: Kurt Kirchmeier, Malcolm Deeley and Marcie Lynn Tentchoff. Congrats to all! 

(Am I the only person whom LJ has it in for when it comes to adding LJ users in a post? The formatting always seems fakakta, and I spend twice as long as I should, and start clicking keys, which I'm not supposed to do. I think it's because I compose the post first in Notepad, but I have to do that because LJ is very snarky with the Dragon Naturally Speaking. Anyway, forgive me, if this isn't formatted perfectly.)