February 14th, 2007

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My poem in Dragons, Knights, & Angels + Henderson's "Pope Joan"

My sf/speculative poem "Crossroads" has just gone live at Dragons, Knights, and Angels. There you'll also find work by dkolodji, Nicholas Ozment, and Bruce Boston, among others.

I've finally snapped up a second purchase in the 2007 Raven Electrick shopping season, a poem, "Pope Joan and the Cat" by samhenderson. I was tempted to buy this just on the title alone, but the rest of the poem delivers the goods. Now if we don't get hit by any lightning bolts, we should be all set. :-)

Slushteria continues. I've now read 82 submissions out of the 137 so far received, including everything through February 5. I'll post a new "holds" list once I've done a little more weeding.

(Userpic note: that's my sweetie in honor of Val day.)