February 23rd, 2007


Myers at Raven + Rhysling congrats + poetry sale + poem at TSR

Well, Thursday was a newsy day. Where to begin?

First, I've just added "Bequeathal" by E.C. Myers to the story contents at Raven Electrick. ecmyers has contributed an audio as well, so you can enjoy his moving SF story by reading or just closing your eyes and listening.

Congrats to all those on my friends list who've received SFPA Rhysling nominations for poetry (and several have received more than one). I think this is everyone--apologies if I missed you: dkolodji, kythiaranos, mirtika, mrockwell, samhenderson, seajules, stillnotbored, time_shark, and upstart_crow. Well done!

Alas, no Rhysling love for me. I spent a little time today pondering pursuits which might replace the poetry gig. (Day trader? I did purchase some books about the stock market awhile back.) But then two things happened, which cured me of my apostasy:

I received an acceptance from The Sword Review for my poem "Modesty."

My poem "City of Imaginary Friends" went live in the selfsame periodical.

Phew! Thank you, TSR. That was a close one. :-)