February 26th, 2007

Malibu headshot

SPF at Griffith Observatory + Bakula + Tesla weirdness cum The Prestige

On Saturday, Bob and I headed up to Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles to meet up with some poets from the newly formed Southland Poets of the Fantastic, or SPF for short. (Nom de group, courtesy of moi :-). I missed the workshop during the day, but was delighted to meet up with dkolodji , samhenderson , and Kendall Evans at the café for some lively discussion and chitchat in the evening. Later we adjourned to the Gunther Depths of Space exhibit, where we inducted a Mr. A. Einstein into our group as an honorary member:

Other highlights of the visit were the spectacular sunset over Los Angeles, a 150-foot timeline of the universe made of celestial-themed jewelry, and a celebrity sighting of Scott Bakula, star of Quantum Leap and Star Trek Enterprise. It's always fun to spot stars (of the Hollywood variety), but I thought it was particularly cool to see Captain Archer in the Observatory's celestial setting.

While at the observatory, we saw the "Tesla Coil" in the Hall of the Eye. Bob and I read the description, filed it, and moved on to the next exhibit.

So you go through your whole life without ever seeing a Tesla coil (at least I don't remember one), and then you go home, rent a DVD called The Prestige, and what figures in it prominently--a Tesla coil! How weird is that? We were a little spooked. 

Anyway, loved the movie. It might be my favorite film of last year's batch so far released on DVD. The science, the magic, the mystery, the history, the obsession! Just my cup of tea.

Not a big fan of The Departed, not that Mr. S. is much concerned what I think. :-)

More Observatory photos in the scrapbook.