March 1st, 2007

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"Irises" (mine and van Gogh's) + another "best of" antho + 234 subs!

My sf poem "Irises" has just gone live at The Fifth Di. This was the poem inspired by my viewing of van Gogh's painting "Irises" at the Getty Center Museum in Los Angeles, mentioned in a previous post.

More good news from jerwine today. My story "Farewell, My Droidy" was voted best of the December issue of The Fifth Di, and will be included in the anthology Wondrous Web Worlds (Volume 8, I presume). Yay! Another reason to keep writing. :-)

As to m'lady Raven, she has closed to submissions with a whopping 234 subs received in February: 134 stories and 100 poems. Imagine how many I would have received, if I'd allowed multiples, as some poetry and flash markets do. This will give me plenty to choose 12-14 purchases from, and is an increase of 30% over last year's 180 submissions received. Thanks, everyone, for the outstanding turnout. :-)

I want to apologize to those on my friends list for my lack of comment-y goodness. I've been scanning your journal entries, but have been more than a bit distracted by the slush pile. I hope things will return to normal within the next few weeks. Thanks for your patience.