March 21st, 2007

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Sale to Scifaikuest + Talisman arrives + SSP

Just found out I sold a "scifaiku" (science fiction haiku) to Teri Santitoro for the February 2008 print edition of Scifaikuest. I wrote this ku as "homework" after the meeting held by the Southland Poets of the Fantastic at Griffith Observatory. I'd missed the afternoon workshop, so dkolodji and samhenderson gave me a set of prompts gathered from observatory exhibits, which folks had used during the workshop as inspiration for writing poetry. One of the prompts was "the wormhole stairway," a feature at the observatory, and that inspired my little ku. Thanks, guys. :-)

I received my contributor's copy of Tales of the Talisman yesterday, which contains my poem "Arturus Geometricus." I guess you would call the poem a mathematical reinterpretation of Arthurian legend. This issue of Talisman is 90 pages long, and contains work by Bruce Boston, John Grey, and other folks I like to hang around with. :-)

Not long after her first publication, the writer learns that she must engage in the art of "shameless self-promotion." The "shameless" part is harder than the "self-promotion," at least for me, but I couldn't resist including this little bit. This was posted to The Sword Review's myspace page by a reader of my poem "City of Imaginary Friends":

We really liked this very well penned poem, it is very inspiring, presented so lively that we could see the pirates, hear them calling, smell the aroma of the tea the fine ladies were sipping, while we could picture the jungle queens, swinging from vines to vines...A beautiful idea for a poem and we're very glad that we had the pleasure to read it!

Thanks and kudos to Karen A. Romanko for sharing this fine piece with the world and to Sword Review for bringing it into our lives and introducing us to the great talent of Karen A. Romanko. (We will surely pass it on!)

R&B Pratcher

I know I'm not the only speculative poet who finds herself wondering sometimes why she's working so hard to collect her little $5 payments. But then I come across something like this, and it all seems worth it. Thank you, R&B Pratcher!