April 5th, 2007

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Poetry sale to nanobison + contrib. copy of Illumen + "Norma Rae"

Writerly happenings this week...

On Wednesday, I received an acceptance from nanobison for my poem "Binary Creation Myth." This is one of my favorite recent poems (Hubby's too), and I'm glad it found a home. It looks likelonfiction and isaiah13 got some good news from nanobison too. Congrats, guys!

On Tuesday, the postman rang once with a contributor's copy of Illumen. This issue contains my poem "Planet Noir," cowritten with jborneman, after we discovered we had a mutual interest in noir/hardboiled crime works (though I swing more towards the films of the genre, and John toward the novels). The current Illumen also includes work by dkolodji, stillnotbored, Bruce Boston, Marge Simon, and all the usual suspects. You can pick up a copy of Illumen at The Genre Mall.

In other good news, it looks like Bob won't have to go on strike. The California State University Faculty Union pulled off a "Norma Rae" gambit and managed to wring a decent contract out of the University's chancellor. It was only going to be a two-day strike, which would have rolled from campus to campus, but we're relieved it didn't get that far. Still, Hubby was ready to walk the walk, while I was already being the eternally worrying MOI, telling him things like, "wear comfortable shoes" and "make sure you take breaks" and "don't get into fights with anyone."  Norma Rae, I ain't.