April 13th, 2007

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All submissions answered! Acceptance rates + last two purchases

I've now answered all submissions from Raven Electrick's February reading period. Yay! The overall acceptance rate was 5.6%, with 7% for poetry and 4.5% for fiction. (If you're feeling badly about rejection, I hope those numbers will perk you up a bit. 94.4% of all submissions were rejected.)

Four accepted authors (two fiction, two poetry) benefited by submitting early enough in the reading period to send a second piece after the first was rejected, and making a sale on that second submission. I don't talk about this often, but there is an advantage to submitting early. Of course, if EVERYONE submits on the first day, that advantage will diminish, if not disappear, so this is a tip for those reading this NOW. Mum will be the word next February.

Drum roll please... The last two purchases for Raven Electrick's 2007 reading period, both stories, are "Singing Each to Each" by Amanda M. Hayes and "Demonic Persuasion" by Bruce Golden. This will be Amanda's third appearance at Raven Electrick, and she now holds the record for acceptances in consecutive reading periods at three. Bruce is a Raven-first timer, with numerous credits in other publications, including Oceans of the Mind, Farthing, Nemonymous, Odyssey, and Palace of Reason.

Thanks to everyone who submitted during the reading period. As I mentioned before, the turnout far exceeded last year's, and I was thrilled with both the quantity and the quality of the work submitted. Thanks for feeding the Raven. :-)