April 26th, 2007


Not-so-secret anthology project: theme revealed

I wasn't planning to reveal the theme of the anthology project just yet, but in my exuberance to start talking about it, I was unintentionally misleading in my last post. A few folks thought the theme was going to be "brain fever," when I'd used that term to describe my obsessive state of mind. Just in case anyone's already trying to come up with ideas for the anthology, I thought it best to clarify.

Without further ado, the anthology is entitled Sporty Spec: Games of the Fantastic. It is planned as a paperback anthology of flash fiction and poetry about sports and games with a speculative twist. The sports and games may be of this world, such as basketball, chess, tennis, poker, etc., or of the author's imagination, but the stories and poems must have an element of science fiction, fantasy, or supernatural horror.

So if anyone is starting to percolate ideas, that's the area in which to pick your beans. :-) Should have the full guidelines up in about a week or so. I'll also be looking at reprints.