May 18th, 2007

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Secret poetry sale + Wordprocessor Hell + More "sporties"

I've made a poetry sale to an invitation-only anthology. I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to say about the anthology at this point, but the poem is a Greek mythology-based pastiche of this poem by e. e. cummings. This one was fun to write. :-)

I've been ignoring my LJ for the past few days, having descended into my own personal version of Wordprocessor HELL. I've been trying to set up the template for the manuscript of Sporty Spec: Games of the Fantastic, and decided, albeit briefly, to switch to Microsoft Word from WordPerfect. After a few hours of dealing with sections, and trying to set up headers and footers, which would have taken me 10 or 15 minutes with WordPerfect, I realized that this was not the time to throw 17 years of WP experience out the window.

As my reward the next night, WordPerfect decided to give me several hours of grief when I tried to convert a graphic I'm planning to use in the manuscript. The day after, I finally managed to trick WP into converting the image properly, by pulling the graphic up in an RTF file I'd made in the aforementioned Microsoft Word. Ugh! After 3 days of torment, I was ready to write the whole manuscript in crayon.

Anyhoo, I've now got the template set up in WordPerfect, so I hope it will be smooth, or at least smoother sailing from here.

I've made three more purchases for Sporty Spec. Here's a list of accepted pieces for which I've received the return contract from the author. (I'm waiting for two more contract replies.) The latest additions are in bold.

Paul L. Bates, "Prey," fantasy/hunting story.
Ruth Berman, "Dealing in Tarot," fantasy/cards poem.
G. O. Clark, "Virtual Pong Circa 35,000 B.C.," sf/pong poetry reprint (Pirate Writings Magazine, Vol. 4, No. 4, 1996.)
C. A. Gardner, "Riding to Faery," fantasy/chess poetry reprint (Mythic Delirium, Iss. 6, Winter/Spring 2002).
Jo L. Gerrard, "Somewhere, the Sun is Shining," sf/baseball story.
Alex Dally MacFarlane, "Jumping Over the Moon," fantasy/uniquesport story.
Brian Rosenberger, "Menace Anyone," horror/tennis poem.
Marge Simon, "Ebonmadder's Run," sf poetry/racing reprint (Space & Time, Spring 2000).
Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, "Star Boarding," sf/sailboarding poem.

I've now answered all submissions sent through Tuesday, May 8th and a smattering beyond. Keep 'em comin'.