June 11th, 2007

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Hollywood kitsch

Bob and I had one of our "Hollywood days" on Saturday, where I, as a movie buff, like to remind us of the history that's a short 20-minute drive away. Our first stop was the "Double Indemnity house," used to film the exteriors for the classic noir movie, where insouciant Walter and ankleted Phyllis plan her husband's murder. The house is still there in the Hollywood Hills on Quebec St.:

Then we did something we've never done in the 18 years we've been here--we went to the Hollywood Wax Museum! We'd been a bit snobby about it in the past, but decided it might be fun for a goof. It's definitely not worth $15 a ticket, because you can run through in about 20 minutes, but we both agreed we enjoyed it more than we expected.

There's a cool chamber of horrors, with mock-ups from many movies, including The Exorcist, with poor little Regan :

But the scariest thing to me was this rendering of one Mr. Samuel L. Jackson. This seemed so real in person, that I kept looking to see if his eyes were blinking or his chest was rising and falling. Bob said, "Don't you think he'd have better things to do than to stand here and try and fool people?" Well, yes, but perhaps he was bored on a Saturday night. ;-)

We will have to go to the Getty Museum again as penance.