June 14th, 2007

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Sporty Spec: 4 more acceptances (60% full) + fiction tip

I've just added four more titles to the list of acceptances for Sporty Spec: Games of the Fantastic. The "rookies" are as follows: Paul Abbamondi, "The Sport of Kings," sf-fantasy/horseracing story; Andrew C. Ferguson, "Organic Geometry," sf-fantasy/cricket story; Samantha Henderson, "The Tithing Hunt," dark fantasy/hunting poem; and Deborah P Kolodji, "Approaching Europa," sf/ice-skating poem. That makes the anthology 60% full.

I've now answered all submissions sent through June 5.

A tip for those still working on stories or planning to send one. The stories that have caught my eye for the most part have not been mere descriptions of sports or games, however exotic. That has worked in a couple of instances at shorter lengths, but once you get past a few hundred words, something else needs to be going on with the story--a comment on the effects of competition on players, observations about sexual roles, even a romantic angle. While it may be great fun for the author to invent a new sport or place a game in an unusual setting, for the reader (at least this reader) it still gets boring reading paragraph after paragraph of nuts and bolts descriptions. Yes, keep that inventiveness, but make it serve a larger purpose. (And all in 1000 words or less :-)