June 22nd, 2007

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Three more good sports; sub-genres and funky combos

Sporty Spec is now 72.5% full, with three more acceptances: Jennifer Crow, "Liliya's Game," dark fantasy/soccer story; Jude-Marie Green, "Hang Twenty," dark fantasy/surfing story; Beth Langford, "Inland Sea," slipstream/ice-skating story.

I've now answered all submissions sent through June 9.

I've been mentioning the genres of accepted stories to give prospective authors some targeting help, but I haven't said much about the sub-genres and funky combos that are finding their way into the anthology. Jude-Marie Green's "Hang Twenty" is not just a dark fantasy/surfing story--it's a werewolf surfing story. How cool is that? Adam Nakama's "The Empress of the Dragon" is a "clockpunk" story set in the Far East. Larry Hodges's "Ping-Pong Ambition" is, yes, a ping-pong story, but one with a genie in it. James Dorr's "Leaves" is a vampire/running poem. I have to say that I've been positively thrilled with the imagination Sporty's authors have shown.

So keep 'em comin'. There are eight days left (deadline, June 30).