June 27th, 2007

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Sporty Spec: endgame

Just a few days left until Sporty Spec closes to submissions (June 30). Here's where things stand.

The anthology is 80% full, with three new items added to the roster: Camille Alexa, "Night Vaulting," fantasy/pole-vaulting+cycling story; Willow Katsumi Relf-Discartin and Terrie Leigh Relf, "Space Envelopes," sf/uniquesport poem; and Todd Wheeler, "Less Than Perfect," sf/uniquegame story.

I've now read (not answered, read) all submissions and have eight on hold for further consideration:

(The first letter stands for "fiction" or "poetry." Letters two and three are the first two letters of the author's last name. Characters four and five are the first two letters (or numbers) of the story title, excluding articles. The final two characters are the number for the day of submission in June.)


If you're still waiting to hear from me, and you can't find yourself on this list, best to shoot me a query. (The query address is at the bottom of the guidelines page.)

Vive le Sporty!

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Poetry sale to DKA + e-contracts

Dragons, Knights, and Angels has just accepted my sf poem "The Ransom of Planet X." It was a double-shot of good news, since when I went to generate my contract, I found that they'd enabled an electronic contract option. This allowed me to complete the contract process online rather than printing out two copies and snail-mailing them. I'd always sent my contracts late to DKA and sister publication The Sword Review, because I don't have a printer attached to my computer (boring story). And, of course, the new option also saves trees and postal costs (on both ends). Kudos to Bill Snodgrass, Selena Thomason, and everyone at DKA and TSR!