July 6th, 2007

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Slushus Interruptus

I'd hoped to have all submissions for Sporty Spec answered by now, but, alas, it wasn't to be. (I'll blame the last-minute mini-surge, but, in truth, the goal was just too ambitious given my plans this holiday week.) I'll try not to keep folks in suspense much longer, and I'm still proud of my response times for this project (according to Duotrope, 7.2 days on average, which sounds about right).

In the meantime, there are four more acceptances to report: Michael Ceraolo, "Games People Play," science fiction/basketball poetry reprint (KillPoet, Vol. 1, Issue 1); Eric Hermanson, "6.66 Earned Run Average," horror/baseball poem; Richard Pitaniello, "Librarian Gladiators," dark fantasy/uniquesport story; Stoney M. Setzer, "Curses!" fantasy/baseball story.

And, just to make sure it's crystal clear, Sporty Spec is now closed to new submissions. At this point, I'm replying to subs that were received by the June 30th deadline, and I'm sure I'll have enough to fill up the anthology.