July 11th, 2007

Malibu headshot

Moon over Malibu

For our first night in a Malibu beach house rental on July 1, Bob and I had the great luck to see the full moon rise over the ocean. It was a breathtaking sight, something I never remember having experienced before. I don't think our pictures do it justice, but this will give you some idea of what we saw.

Malibu headshot

Sporty Spec is full!

I've now answered all submissions sent to Sporty Spec. The anthology is full!

Six new players, for a total of 42. (I added two extra slots rather than turn good stories away.) They are:
Brenta Blevins, "Running for Life," dark fantasy/running story; Amanda M. Hayes, "Blackthorn Darts," dark fantasy/uniquesport story; Erin Kinch, "Mutiny," fantasy/uniquegame story; Kevin Lightburn, "Soul in One," dark fantasy/golf story; Aurelio Rico Lopez III, "All the Medals and Trophies," dark fantasy/swimming story;  and Stephen Wilson, "The Running of. . . ," fantasy/uniquesport poem.

At some point, the
alphabetical list of acceptances will morph into a true table of contents. I'm sure I'll change my mind on the proper order for the stories and poems a few dozen times before then. :-p