August 3rd, 2007

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Sporty Spec Table of Contents

After much hand-ringing, teeth-gnashing, and a brief flirtation with the idea of throwing all the titles in a hat and pulling them at random, I have finally done the "editor-ly" thing and decided upon the order for the stories and poems slated to appear in Sporty Spec: Games of the Fantastic.

pabba, please note that you somehow ended up going first even without the alphabetical order of the acceptances list. I think with its horseracing theme, your story somehow wanted to lead the pack. :-)

Here's the annotated table of contents:
  • Paul Abbamondi, "The Sport of Kings," sf-fantasy/horseracing story.
  • Marge Simon, "Ebonmadder's Run," sf/horseracing poetry reprint (Space & Time, Spring 2000).
  • Jo L. Gerrard, "Somewhere, the Sun is Shining," sf/baseball story.
  • Robert Frazier, "Stealing for the Record," slipstream/baseball poetry reprint (Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, August 1990.)
  • E. C. Myers, "Perpetual Check," fantasy/chess story.
  • C. A. Gardner, "Riding to Faery," fantasy/chess poetry reprint (Mythic Delirium, Iss. 6, Winter/Spring 2002).
  • Brenta Blevins, "Running for Life," dark fantasy/running story.
  • James S. Dorr, "Leaves," horror/running poetry reprint (The Magazine of Speculative Poetry, Autumn 1997.)
  • Adam Nakama, "The Empress of the Dragon" slipstream/uniquesport story. 
  • Todd Wheeler, "Less Than Perfect," sf/uniquegame story.
  • Beth Langford, "Inland Sea," slipstream/ice-skating story.
  • Deborah P Kolodji, "Approaching Europa," sf/ice-skating poem.
  • Jude-Marie Green, "Hang Twenty," dark fantasy/surfing story.
  • Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, "Star Boarding," sf/sailboarding poem.
  • Paul L. Bates, "Prey," fantasy/hunting story.
  • Samantha Henderson, "The Tithing Hunt," dark fantasy/hunting poem.
  • Connor Moran, "The Football Phase," fantasy/football story.
  • Roger Dutcher, "1967 NFC Championship Game Remembered After Awakening from Cryogenic Sleep," sf/football poetry reprint (Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, April 1991.)
  • Amanda M. Hayes, "Blackthorn Darts," dark fantasy/uniquesport story.
  • Richard Pitaniello, "Librarian Gladiators," dark fantasy/uniquesport story.
  • Erin Kinch, "Mutiny," fantasy/uniquegame story.
  • Ruth Berman, "Dealing in Tarot," fantasy/cards poem.
  • Lawrence Schimel, "The Court Photographer," fantasy/basketball story.
  • Michael Ceraolo, "Games People Play," science fiction/basketball poetry reprint (KillPoet, Vol. 1, Issue 1).
  • Alison J. Littlewood, "The Drop Zone," dark fantasy/competitive skydiving story.
  • K.M. Praschak, "Leiris of Green Wyvern United," fantasy/uniquesport poem.
  • Larry Hodges, "Ping-Pong Ambition," fantasy/ping-pong story.
  • G. O. Clark, "Virtual Pong Circa 35,000 B.C.," sf/pong poetry reprint (Pirate Writings Magazine, Vol. 4, No. 4, 1996.)
  • Camille Alexa, "Night Vaulting," fantasy/pole-vaulting+cycling story.
  • Jennifer Crow, "Liliya's Game," dark fantasy/soccer story.
  • Stephen D. Rogers, "Gravity Field Golfball," sf/uniquesport story.
  • Willow Katsumi Relf-Discartin and Terrie Leigh Relf, "Space Envelopes," sf/uniquesport poem.
  • Kevin Lightburn, "Soul in One," dark fantasy/golf story.
  • Brian Rosenberger, "Menace Anyone," horror/tennis poem.
  • Alex Dally MacFarlane, "Jumping Over the Moon," fantasy/uniquesport story.
  • Rob Rosen, "Poltergame," horror/Monopoly (board game) story.
  • Aurelio Rico Lopez III, "All the Medals and Trophies," dark fantasy/swimming story.
  • Stephen Wilson, "The Running of. . . ," fantasy/uniquesport poem.
  • Stoney M. Setzer, "Curses!" fantasy/baseball story.
  • Eric Hermanson, "6.66 Earned Run Average," horror/baseball poem.
  • Andrew C. Ferguson, "Organic Geometry," sf-fantasy/cricket story.
  • Daniel Ausema, "City of Games," fantasy/uniquesport story.