August 27th, 2007

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Off the beaten L.A. path: Frogtown Artwalk

Bob and I were looking for something to do on Saturday kind of at the last minute, so I ambled over to LA Weekly, and found a listing in the calendar for the "Second Annual Frogtown Artwalk." The time and place were right, so off we went to the Elysian Valley (Frogtown) section of Los Angeles. I'd been in the area before to attend plays at the Knightsbridge Theater, but just a few blocks away was an area completely new to us, and kind of surreal at that.

Behind a bunch of working-class California bungalows, on a small cramped street are some businesses and artists' lofts on Blake Avenue, which opened their doors for the Artwalk. The artists displayed their works and offered free refreshments to those who came. Among the more outré highlights were women's purses with brass knuckles for handles and collages with liberal sprinklings of syringes.

In back of these establishments, and connecting some of them, was the Los Angeles River Walk and River. (We could see actual water through the trees. This is LA in the middle of the summer, remember). Bob was thrilled  because he has some kind of boyish affinity for river washes. :-) He took the picture below with his Palm Treo.

Anyway, we had a fabu time experiencing all of these strange and incongruous elements, and I'd highly recommend it for next year, if they decide to do a Third Annual Frogtown Artwalk.