August 30th, 2007

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Prater's "New Lake Formed, Film at 11" at Raven + Mom

"New Lake Formed, Film at 11," a fantasy story by lonfiction has just gone live at Raven Electrick. The story deals with the death of heroes, both "super-" and mundane. Snap on your cape, zoom on over, and check it out.

We could use Lon's villain "Aquifier" here in northern Los Angeles at the moment. It was 108° yesterday and 109° today. Yes, we have air conditioners (of the window variety), but at the height of the day 89° is about all the coolness they can muster. (I know, I should be thankful for that.) I just checked the forecast and Yahoo predicts 97° for tomorrow, which sounds positively delightful by comparison.

Today's userpic is a picture of my Mom back in the day. I don't know the exact year of the photo, but I'm guessing it was taken before I was born. Mom passed away six years ago today. I'm not one for depressive blog posts, so I'll share a humorous memory of her instead.

After Bob and I were married, we used to travel from graduate school in Rhode Island to stay with my parents every other weekend in Boston. On one of the visits, Bob and I had a spontaneous kiss in front of my mother. I didn't think much about it, but we must have been too "lingual." My Mom, a nice Catholic lady, said "whoa boy!" To this day, whenever Bob and I have a particularly good kiss, we say "whoa boy!" Thanks for that, Mom.