October 11th, 2007

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SFPA website is Sci Fi Weekly's site of the week!!!

In June, I stepped down as Website Director for the Science Fiction Poetry Association after over three years of volunteer service. I'm still serving the organization in the much more laid-back capacity of Website Consultant. In checking stats for the website (old habits die hard), I found a link from scifi.com, and learned that the SFPA website is Sci Fi Weekly's site of the week!!! The complete review is here:


"Founded in 1978 by the well-known SF writer and linguist Suzette Haden Elgin, the Science Fiction Poetry Association is a tight-knit community of visionaries bound by an affection for poetry laced with elements of the fantastic."

"The SFPA site boasts the most extensive genre market listing for poets on the Web, along with a wide range of resources: workshop information, reading and event listings, links to member sites and author interviews. For anyone interested in learning more about SF poetry and the people who create it, this site provides an abundance of riches—a complete roadmap for exploring this oft-overlooked territory of the speculative literary canon."

May I just say, "Yay!" A lot of folks worked hard to bring SFPA's first official website to life and keep it alive, including Erin Donahoe, patchwork_prose, time_shark, and, yes, yours truly. I'm just thrilled that someone outside our little poetry community has finally noticed.