October 23rd, 2007

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My poem (contest honorable mention) now at DKA + PDF hell

My cinquain "Atlantis," which received an honorable mention in the recent Dragons, Knights & Angels poetry contest, has just gone live at the DKA web site:


The contest had the theme of Inferno/Paradiso, and I tried a haiku, but found it was too much territory to cover in such a short form, so I went for the much roomier cinquain. :-)

In keeping with the Inferno theme, the making of PDFs for Sporty Spec: Games of the Fantastic has been a hellish experience. Last week, my husband made five PDF files from my WordPerfect document, the table of contents and the manuscript divided into four quarters, so I could send proofs to the authors. When I uploaded these to my web site and tried to open them in Internet Explorer, I kept getting "cannot extract the embedded font" error messages. Anyway, an unfun evening ensued, but we did manage to get it sorted out eventually.

So, tonight we're trying to get the final (I hope) PDF file ready for publication, and we run into more funkadelia. Without going into the boring details, after much more unfun, I believe I am now ready to print out the entire manuscript from the PDF tomorrow, to make sure everything looks copasetic. If not, it will probably be more PDF hell. If so, it will be only allergy/chemical sensitivities hell from exposure to all that printer ink. Yes, I'm looking forward to tomorrow--I guess that's today now. Wish me luck!