November 26th, 2007

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Sporty at Amazon + "Haven" (poem) at DKA

Just (barely) in time for cyber-Monday, Sporty Spec: Games of the Fantastic is now available at

I've sent them a couple of corrections to the listing and uploaded the cover as a customer image under Bob's name (the distributor will supply the "official image" eventually), but it's pretty much good to go. :-)

In writing news, my poem "Haven" has just shown up at Dragons, Knights, and Angels:

I chuckled when I wrote the words "writing news." After this, I don't think there'll be much writing news for awhile. For the last seven months I've been so completely obsessed with editing Sporty Spec, and everything attendant upon it, that I haven't written very much--in fact, next to nothing. My Dad sent me an early Christmas card over the weekend, and addressed it to "Editor Karen," and that about sums it up.