January 18th, 2008

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LJ surfaces on my author page

I was never the essence of promptitude (huh, I thought I'd made that word up, but it's an actual dictionary word) when it came to updating my author page, but once I got my LiveJournal, things went from bad to worse. A couple of weeks ago I got the idea of "surfacing" my journal on my author page, and it turns out it wasn't that hard to do. The folks at RSS2HTML have a way to do it (for free) whereby you don't have to monkey around with your server. (My pages are very basic HTML, and I wouldn't have known where to begin. It seems like you can become a dinosaur in about a week nowadays.) It's option one on this page:


It's not terribly customizable, but it will do the trick for now, and my author page will no longer be six months out of date.