January 21st, 2008

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Star Trek the Tour (a disappointment)

Bob and I drove from Los Angeles to Long Beach on Saturday evening to attend Star Trek the Tour at the Queen Mary Dome. Alas, we found the experience a disappointment. It's not so much what was there, but what wasn't there that bothered us. There just wasn't enough of anything (except costumes). There were no major exhibits devoted to the series after TOS and TNG, and none to the movies. But there certainly was plenty of space for MORE, as the gift shop was so spread out it looked like a wasteland.

Part of the problem may have been that the place was almost empty on Saturday evening, a surprise in itself for opening weekend. While not having to wait in lines is generally a good thing, it allowed us to run through the entire tour in about 30 minutes. With the $35 asking price for an adult ticket (and a long, traffic-y drive from LA), it didn't feel like a dollar a minute of fun.

But, you know, YMMV and all that. If you're really into Star Trek, you're probably going to go anyway.

Naturally, we snapped a few pics. I'm not sure they would have allowed Bob to take my picture in Kirk's chair under the more crowded afternoon conditions (they take your picture on the bridge and try to sell it to you in the gift shop for about 17 bucks), but the staff was very accommodating.

Bob falls through the Guardian of Forever

Captain Karen on the bridge

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