February 12th, 2008

Malibu sunset 2007

Musal neglect

I wrote a poem. You're probably wondering why that should be worthy of note, so I'll tell you.

Since I started compiling, editing and publishing my baby, the cuddly, but all-consuming Sporty Spec : Games of the Fantastic back in April, all I've written are rejections, acceptances, contracts, journal entries, PR announcements, blurbs, and the introduction to, you guessed it, Sporty Spec. On Thursday evening, my muse accused me of neglect. I countered that it was she, dear Musie, who'd been inattentive. An acrimonious exchange ensued, but we hashed things out, at least temporarily, with the result that...

I wrote a poem.

I polished it up over the weekend and it's out now making the rounds.

My relationship with my muse is still a bit tenuous, so I can't make any promises about future writings, poetic or fictive.

In other poetry news, I finally sent in my SFPA Rhysling nominations for best short and long speculative poem of 2007. The deadline for nominations is February 18.