February 22nd, 2008

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Poetry sales to Mindflights

Over on my new MySpace page, Mindflights editor Selena Thomason commented:

"FYI, MindFlights is not getting enough good poetry submissions right now. I'd love to see something from you in our submissions queue. I'm a big fan of your work."

As I mentioned in a previous post, once I got involved in editing and publishing Sporty Spec in late April, I'd dropped all my writing, and even my submitting. But I'm slowly trying to get back into the authorial swing of things, so Selena's gracious comment came at an opportune moment. My submissions log hasn't been updated since April, but I did manage to locate a couple of poems that seemed appropriate for Mindflights, and I'm happy to report that Selena has accepted both with a mere four-day turnaround. One is a free-verse poem entitled "The Banshee of Brooklyn" and the other is a speculative haiku inspired by my visit to Griffith Observatory with the Southland Poets of the Fantastic Group.

If you're looking for a market for science fiction and fantasy poetry, check out Mindflights. But please also save a good poem for Raven Electrick, which opens to submissions on March 1. :-)