April 11th, 2008

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Raven Electrick: first purchase + March 6

I'm delighted to report that Raven Electrick's first purchase for 2008 is "Neighbors," a 400-word story by Robert Borski, and one of the most original flashes I've read. Robert's fiction has appeared in Analog and F&SF, his poetry in Strange Horizons and Star*Line, and he's written two books about the fiction of Gene Wolfe. "Neighbors" is scheduled to appear in Raven Electrick on August 29.

I've now replied to subs sent through March 6, and the list of holds is growing. The odds of acceptance for anyone on the holds list are about one in two at the moment, but that will change as I continue my trek through the slush pile.

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Not a big surprise...

Meme via angelinehawkes
It's not a bad test, but be advised that you have to sign up for OKCupid, a social networking site, jumping through several annoying hoops before getting your final results.

Your Score: The Basic Feminist

You are 78% on your way to being a Feminist!

You're a Feminist! Congratulations!

You have a good idea of what sexism is, how to avoid it, and how to stand up for women and/or yourself. You might have read some basic Feminist literature or thought in passing, and thought that it was pretty good. Sometimes you baulk a little at overtly identifying yourself as a Feminist due to the negative stigma. Don't be ashamed of being right! Just keep on doing what you're doing and exploring more ways to treat everyone with respect because of their humanity, not their parts, and you're helping to fix the problem!

All Results:
The Wife Beater
The Antifeminist
The Traditionalist
The Egalitarian
The Basic Feminist
The True Feminist

Link: The Feminist Test written by proudfeminist on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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