April 15th, 2008

Malibu headshot

My first poetry reading...

...as in, doing the actual reading, and not just sitting in the audience...was last night. I wasn't one of the featured poets, just an "open mic" type. I've done some teaching of both undergraduate and law school students, and, therefore, some public speaking, but reading poetry aloud has always scared me, because some of the readers do more acting than reading, and I don't have a thespian bone in my body. But I gave it a try, and am happy to report I survived. I read Marcie Lynn Tentchoff's "Star Boarding" from Sporty Spec and my own Boulevard Ghosts, which first appeared in Full Unit Hookup, and has been reprinted in several different venues.

The event was organized by Debbie Kolodji as part of Monday Night Poetry in Pasadena. It was the third annual science fiction and fantasy poetry night, and the featured readers were Kendall Evans and Denise Dumars. Below is a photo montage of (clockwise from left) Debbie, yours truly, Denise, and Kendall.

Photos by Robert A. Desharnais and Karen A. Romanko