April 29th, 2008

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Raven: new story + second purchase; Writing: poem at Mindflights

I've got a pack o' newslets today:

First, I've just added a new story at Raven Electrick, "Demonic Persuasion" by Bruce Golden. Find out what happens when an incubus questions his "demonic orientation."

I'm also happy to announce that I've made a second purchase from Raven Electrick's March submission period, "Salt Water Rafting," a science fiction poem by Mary Jo Rabe.

The last Raven note is that I've responded to submissions sent through March 28, with either a rejection, a hold notice, or an acceptance. My plan at this point is to finish off a first reading of all submissions, and then jump into the holds pile.

In writing news, my poem "The Banshee of Brooklyn" has just gone live at Mindflights. The teaser is, "A Gaelic legend receives a modern makeover..."