May 9th, 2008


Creativity break

For the past few weeks I've been reading and answering submissions for Raven Electrick, sending out press releases for Sporty Spec, and performing other worthwhile tasks, so I haven't had much time for creativity. This is my official creativity break. Since it needs to be quick, I decided to play with some photos I took in our backyard a few weeks ago. Below are a couple of my favorites. 

I still haven't found out what these flowers are. We have three bushes of them, white, deep red, and pink. The actual flowers are only about three quarters of an inch wide. I took this one with the "digital macro" setting of the camera. I really love the new camera, but with so many digital settings, I find I sometimes can't remember where a feature I want is located. This can be a problem if a fast-moving photo op presents itself.

This one is the Southwest view from our yard at sunset:

Well, it was a short break, but I must say I do feel better now. :-)

Photos copyright 2008, Karen A. Romanko.