May 15th, 2008

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Hubby's Virtual Courseware Project wins MAN-eLA Award

My esteemed hubby, Robert A. Desharnais, Ph.D., has just learned that the project he founded and directs, the Virtual Courseware Project, an online curriculum software suite, has won the MAN-eLA Award for Exemplary Open Education Resources Practices. The award is given by the MERLOT Africa Network (MAN) and eLearning Africa. (This being academe, there are more initials involved, but I tried to cut it down to the minimum.)

Bob has been a pioneer in this area since he wrote the first version of Flylab on a NeXT computer back in the early 90s. The project has grown with NSF grants and the addition of faculty members, graphic designers, and a software engineer.

I'm proud of you, love! 

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Raven Electrick: purchases six and seven

As promised, more purchases to report from Raven Electrick's recent reading period. Slated for December publication is "A Fable of Heraclitus," a fantasy tale by Louise Norlie. For January, we'll have "The Cat of Nabeshima," a dark fantasy poem by Marcie Lynn Tentchoff. Marcie's becoming a regular at Raven Electrick, with two prior poetry appearances in the e-zine and one in Sporty Spec.

I've got four or five more purchases to make, and then I'll be done. :-)