July 4th, 2008

Malibu sunset 2007

The Beach House View

I know I've been neglecting poor LJ, but Bob and I returned late Sunday evening from a glorious two-week stay at our favorite beach house rental in Malibu. Since then we've been engaging in the usual post-vacation mundane tasks of shopping, laundry, processing mail, etc. I've finally caught my breath enough to get back to my journal.

This was the fourth time that we've rented the little beach house in the Broad Beach section of Malibu. Every time we go, we think we're going to "wear it out"--that it will somehow become "been there, done that," but it hasn't happened yet. The variety of the ocean view is truly amazing, with so many different vistas throughout the day, so many unique sunsets, so much activity of the animal (including human) variety, that we're always mesmerized.

Yes, we did leave the beach house occasionally, driving up to Ventura, taking a shopping afternoon in Thousand Oaks, and going to a play at the Malibu Stage Company, but the main entertainment was the view.

I wrote a little cinquain for the guestbook at the house, which I'm including below. Amazingly enough, I wrote it BEFORE getting a good look at the photo below, which Bob snapped one morning before I woke up.

The Beach House View

dive, pelicans
swoop. I munch cheerios,
he sips Java--shared breakfast at
the beach

More photos later.

Poem copyright 2008, Karen A. Romanko. Photo copyright 2008, Robert A. Desharnais.