July 16th, 2008

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Some Libraries Are Cool...

I recently entered the library PR phase of promotion for Sporty Spec: Games of the Fantastic. I've been cruising the Internet looking for "suggest a purchase" forms on library web sites which allow recommendations from outsiders. I'd say about half of the public and academic libraries do allow recommendations from those outside the communities they serve. The really cool ones, which are few and far between, actually include authors and publishers in their categories of people who may recommend a purchase. I've contacted about 40 libraries so far.

As a former professional librarian, I've found the whole process fascinating. Some forms are incredibly thorough (give us every last shred of identifying data or else), while others are loosey-goosey (give us any scrap of info--we'll figure it out). Some forms are easily accessible, while others are buried 10 pages deep. If I were still a librarian, there'd probably be an article in this.

It's a little too early to know how successful this campaign will be, but Sporty Spec will soon be gracing the hallowed halls of Harvard, so I'm cautiously optimistic. :-)