July 23rd, 2008

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Cinema Spec: new anthology guidelines!

In the "once more unto the breach, dear friends" department, I'm happy (or, perhaps, just crazy) to announce that my little small press imprint Raven Electrick Ink is planning to publish a second anthology after releasing Sporty Spec: Games of the Fantastic in November 2007.

Cinema Spec: Tales of Hollywood and Fantasy is a planned paperback anthology of speculative flash fiction and poetry about movies, television, and Hollywood. Pieces about national cinemas of other countries ("Bollywood," etc.) are welcome, as are present and future/imaginary extrapolations of moving-picture technology (YouTube, holograms, etc.), but the stories and poems must relate to moving pictures in some form and must contain an element of science fiction, fantasy, or supernatural horror. If it's not speculative, I'm not interested.

Payment rates are as follows:

New fiction: 3 cents per word (rounded to the nearest 100 words) for stories to 1000 words, $5 minimum and $30 maximum. Flat rate of $30 for stories 1100 words to 2000 words.

Fiction reprints: 1 cent per word (rounded to the nearest hundred words), $3 minimum and $20 maximum.

New poetry: flat rate of $5.

Poetry reprints: flat rate of $3. 

The maximum word count for fiction is 2000 words and the maximum line count for poetry is 49 lines.

Of course, you'll read the complete guidelines for more details on submission formats and other important info:


The Cinema Spec guidelines page isn't "hooked up" at Raven Electrick yet, but there will be a link in the news section by the end of the week. The submissions e-mail address won't go live until Tuesday, August 5, 2008, which is the day the anthology opens to submissions. Feel free to ask questions at the query address listed at the bottom of the Cinema Spec guidelines page.

I hope to see your subs!