August 9th, 2008

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Dwarf Stars + neglected bibliography

The Science Fiction Poetry Association and its president Debbie Kolodji recently called for submissions for the 2008 Dwarf Stars anthology, which will collect superior speculative short-short poetry (10 lines and under) from 2007. I knew I'd had a couple of short-short poems published, and my normal procedure at that point would have been to consult my bibliography. Problem was I'd been neglecting the poor thing for over year and a half. Bad, author! Bad!

Since I'd concentrated on editing Sporty Spec for most of last year, it could have been a lot worse, and after scanning through e-mail in my writing folder, searching for citations online, looking through dust-covered piles of contributor copies, etc., I managed to get my bibliography up-to-date. On the off chance anyone should want some scintillating reading, it's located in an unadorned text file here:

I'm grateful to SFPA and Dwarf Stars for the little push, because everyone knows an incomplete bibliography is the devil's playground. :-)