September 7th, 2008

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Sporty Spec reviewed at Cleveland Poetics (fiction too)

Joshua Gage has just given a glowing review to Sporty Spec: Games of the Fantastic at Cleveland Poetics:

"Karen A. Romanko did a great job putting together this anthology, and it would make a terrific read for anyone interested in speculative literature, sports literature, or good writing in general. Rumor has it that she is putting together another speculative anthology focused on film and cinema; based on the superb job done with this anthology, I am eager to see what she comes up with next."


In addition, Mr. Gage praises work by contributors Paul Abbamondi, Lyn C. A. Gardner, Brenta Blevins, Deborah P Kolodji, Samantha Henderson, Michael Ceraolo, Camille Alexa, and Andrew C. Ferguson. You can read the full review here: