October 15th, 2008

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Cinema Spec submissions: endgame

Cinema Spec: Tales of Hollywood and Fantasy closed to submissions on Friday, 10 October. That's the first milestone for this project. :-) There was more of a last-minute rush than I'd expected (sometimes there's a surge, sometimes there isn't--you never know), so finishing the first reads is taking longer than I'd planned. I've answered submissions sent through October 8 with a rejection, an acceptance, or a hold notice.

As to the holds pile...always the fun part--not! It's difficult and time-consuming, because I have to weed out pieces that I like, but it must be done. For the current gladiators in the holds arena, your chances are still about 50-50. Your odds will probably go down a wee bit, because I'll likely pull a few more contestants from the remaining slush.

I'll try to wrap this up ASAP, but give me a couple of weeks. Three new additions to the acceptances list are here: