October 23rd, 2008

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Poetry at Aberrant Dreams and SFPA

Just in time for Halloween, my poem "Dr. Holt's House of Hormones" went live yesterday at Aberrant Dreams. I wrote this poem in the belief that too much alliteration is never enough:

On a tumbledown tract
in a lampless lane
at the end of the end of the end
stands old Doc's house,
porch boards popping
and rank rooms peeling

Read the rest of the poem here:


Speaking of my favorite holiday, SFPA's annual Halloween Poetry Reading (a tradition I had a little something to do with starting) is also online. This one's all audio, so no complaints about being too tired to read. I contributed "The Biology Building," a poem inspired by my experience in visiting Hubby in his grad student labs, where the "human anatomy" students kept their dissected cats in little book bag-type cubbies, and there were other little weirdities everywhere you looked.

SFPA's Halloween Poetry Reading is here:


While there, don't miss "Its Hour Come Round at Last" (published in Raven Electrick earlier this year) with spooky-cool voice effects by [info]seajules.