October 28th, 2008

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Cinema Spec: The Cast Is Set!

I've now answered ALL submissions for Cinema Spec: Tales of Hollywood and Fantasy. Yay! If you sent something during the submissions period, and you're still waiting to hear from me, best to hop on the Querytown Trolley at the next stop.

I ended up buying one more story than planned. Below is the list of stories and poems accepted for the anthology, with brief annotations noting form/genre/theme. The current list is arranged alphabetically by the author's last name, but later will be reposted in the order of Cinema Spec's Table of Contents.

If I must say so myself, it's a stunning cast. :-)

  • Paul Abbamondi, "Obmutescence," fiction/dark fantasy/Los Angeles. 

  • Martha J. Allard, "End of an Era," fiction/dark fantasy/Hollywood earthquake.

  • Daniel Ausema, “City of Façades," fiction/speculative/movie sets.

  • J. S. Bangs, "Screening of a Silent Film,” fiction/high fantasy/silent movies.

  • Greg Beatty, "eventual, i," poem/speculative/video stores.

  • Ruth Berman, "TV Tea," poem/speculative/TV shows.

  • Matt Betts, "Something with Subtitles, Maybe," fiction/fantasy/movies as metaphor.

  • Robert Borski, "Reel People: The Extra's Lament," poem/science fiction/CGI.

  • Robert Borski, "War at the Bijou,” fiction/science fiction/transmissions into space.

  • Sarah Brandel, "A Life in Pictures," fiction/fantasy/movies as memoir.

  • G. O. Clark, "The Discovery in Roger Corman's Trunk," poem/sf-horror/Vincent Price.

  • Robert A. Desharnais, "Shadowdancer," fiction/speculative/pre-technology.

  • Marlo Dianne, "Chiaroscuro," fiction/fantasy/pre-technology.

  • Lyn C. A. Gardner, "House 5," poem/horror/movie theaters.

  • Justin Howe, "Nightmare's Daughter," fiction/suspense/cult movies.

  • Vylar Kaftan, "Starshow," fiction/science fiction/future technology.

  • Deborah P Kolodji, "Camera Obscura," poem/science fiction/life in Hollywood.

  • Simon Logan, "Nuclear Shadows," fiction/science fiction/paparazzi.

  • Alex Dally MacFarlane, "Bright Square Flickering," poem/fantasy/movie screens.

  • Paul Milliken, "Sundowner," fiction/suspense/Hollywood ghosts.

  • Connor Moran, "Lori," fiction/fantasy-noir/gossip in old Hollywood.

  • Lisa Morton, "The End," fiction/horror/cult movies.

  • Gregory L. Norris, "Creature Double-Feature," fiction/horror/classic films.

  • Tony Pi, "The Shadow-Witch," fiction/dark fantasy/shadow plays.

  • Daniel R. Robichaud, "Bootleg Images," fiction/science fiction/banned movies.

  • J. C. Runolfson, "Family Movie," fiction/dark fantasy/3-D movies.

  • Rodello Santos, "Oracle in Chains," fiction/high fantasy/movies as prophecy.

  • J. E. Stanley, "The Precinct of Night," poem/sf-noir/detective movies.

  • Donald Jacob Uitvlugt, "Cineraku," fiction/science fiction/future-hybrid technology.

  • Bill Ward, "After Sundown," fiction/science fiction/movie theaters.

  • Cliff Winnig, "Kraken's Wake," fiction/science fiction/exotic location shoots.

  • Craig Wolf, "Lost in the Fun Factory," fiction/dark fantasy/movie theaters.