October 31st, 2008

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Mark Rich's "O'Lantern" at Raven Electrick + more Jack-o-lit

How's this for timing? Mark Rich's flash fiction piece "O'Lantern" just went live at Raven Electrick:


If you aren't moved by Mr. O'Lantern's plight by the end, then you simply haven't got a heart. ;-)

I can't believe this myself, but Raven Electrick has even more Jack-o-lit, two poems from Raven's early days in 2001: Sandra Lindow's "Jack, the Ending" and "Pumpkin Girl" by Christina Sng.



I think Mr. "O'Lantern" might be a bit less testy, if we could fix him up with "Pumpkin Girl." ;-)

Happy Halloween!