November 30th, 2008

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This Week's Cool Cat

This week's cool cat is Patrick McGoohan. Perhaps best known for the cult TV series The Prisoner, McGoohan earlier starred in the British spy series Danger Man, which had a brief run in the US as Secret Agent. I picked up the Secret Agent (aka Danger Man) Megaset DVDs a little while back, and have been having a blast watching McGoohan's quirky/cool spook John Drake.

Drake's character isn't a James Bond-ripoff. (The man hasn't even kissed a woman yet, and I'm over 40 episodes into the series.) In the earliest episodes, there's always a strong female character, amazing for the early 60s. (I noticed there's a female associate producer, later a producer, on the series, Aida Young, also unusual for the time.)

Some interesting guest stars too, Donald Pleasence, Beverly Garland, Jackie (not Joan) Collins, Joan Hickson (Miss Marple), Jean Marsh, etc.

And the original U.S. opening titles with the "Secret Agent" theme by Johnny Rivers are the ginchiest! :-)