December 8th, 2008

Malibu headshot

Playing with a new toy

A week ago Bob and I went into the backyard to play with a new toy (pictured left). In truth, it's more Bob's toy than mine, as he's the one with the patience to set the whole thing up, a time-consuming enterprise. But I definitely reap the rewards of his patience. :-)

Bob purchased a camera that attaches to the telescope, but wasn't thrilled with the initial results, and thinks he needs to read more of the instructions and experiment a bit. In the meantime, we tried using our little Canon PowerShot on the digital macro setting, shooting through the eyepiece. The results weren't exactly professional quality, but we got something!

On the left one, I rotated the photo 90° to give more of an indication of where the moon's crescent appeared to the naked eye. I left the right one unrotated to make it easier to see the crater on the top right: