January 11th, 2010

Malibu headshot

A Mosaic Tale

Back in 2007, poetry mate and pal Debbie Kolodji snapped a photo of Bob and me on the deck of the beach house Hubby and I have now rented 10 times in Malibu. I liked the snap so much I had it made into a Malibu beach towel for Bob the following Christmas. This year Bob had the photo enlarged and framed, but the really cool and special thing is that it is a mosaic of 500 photos, almost all of them snapped in Malibu: sunsets, friends' visits, local attractions such as the Getty Villa, etc.

The first photo below is the framed picture and the second is a shot of the upper left corner detail. There is even a picture of the aforementioned Ms. Kolodji (with me) in column 5, row six.

I want to thank my hubby for a wonderful memento and Debbie for a great photo for which we keep finding creative uses. :-)
If you want to do something like this yourself, the site Bob used is: