January 20th, 2010

Malibu headshot

Cinema Spec library field trip

While Bob and I were vacationing in Malibu over the Christmas holidays, we took a field trip to the Calabasas Public Library, which is about 20 miles northeast of Malibu. CPL just happens to hold a copy of Cinema Spec: Tales of Hollywood and Fantasy (and not at my prompting, I'm happy to add). I don't think Bob was quite sure why I wanted or needed to visit Cinema Spec at the library, since I can look at the book at home any time, but he humored me, and off we went.

Unfortunately the Calabasas Public Library is not the easiest library to find. (I swear it's enchanted and keeps moving around.) On our first attempt, we set off in the general direction of Calabasas and then plugged in the address on our GPS, only to find that the address didn't exist in the database. (Apparently it's a new civic center with a new street address.) On our second attempt, with Google directions in hand, we set out in the rain, and found, after a 20-minute tour of beautiful downtown Calabasas, that Google's "slight right" at Calabasas Road was actually a sharp left. Anyway, we made it!

It's a pretty, new library with plenty of space on the shelves for collection growth. I was especially enamored of the "813" section. :-) As a former professional librarian, I was simply thrilled to find one of my own books on a library shelf. It was like the circle had been completed.